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Penerimaan Abstract untuk First International Graduate Student Conference at Gadjah Mada University

Minggu pagi, saat membuka email, aku mendapat kabar menggembirakan dari Academy Professorship Indonesia tentang penerimaan abstract paperku untuk disampaikan pada First International Graduate Student Conference di Universitas Gadjah Mada pada tanggal 1-4 Desember 2009 nanti. Di bawah ini adalah surat pemberitahuan kepada saya waktu itu. Senang sekaligus deg-degan karena baru pertama kali mau jadi pemakalah tingkat internasional. Abstract Paper awalnya nanti aq posting lagi deh.

Ref.: Abstract evaluation

Yogyakarta, April 1, 2009.

Jusuf Nicolas Anamofa/UGM

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are very pleased to inform you that the Academic Committee accept your abstract to be presented in the First International Graduate Student Conference (Re-)Considering Contemporary Indonesia: Striving towards Democracy, Sustainability, and Prosperity
(1st—4th December 2009) at Gadjah Mada University.

Base on the Academic Committee’s evaluation, however, your abstract has to be improved. Please find the enclosed suggestion and recommendation for your consideration in revising your abstract. Please send your revised abstract (which should not exceed 350 words count) to the Organizing Committee email: figcindonesia@gmail.com by 20th of April 2009. We are going to publish your abstract in the web-site and conference-book, so we would appreciate it very much if you comply with the reviewer’s suggestion/recommendation in revising your abstract.

We are also pleased to invite you to participate in the Academic Writing Skills Workshop to be held at Gadjah Mada University on the 25-29 May 2009. The Organizing Committee will cover your travel expenses by train/bus for those living outside (Yogyakarta, Depok, Medan, Makassar) (or by economic air-flight for those living in another island, e.g. Kalimantan and Bali) as long as you could provide the voucher/ticket stub of your carrier upon registration. Please find enclosed the workshop’s registration form. For the purpose of improving your paper, we request you to prepare a draft of maximum 500 words of your paper’s main arguments/controlling ideas and a tentative outline of your paper to be discussed in the workshop. Please submit the proposed ideas and the workshop’s registration form as soon as possible. We do not accept registration form later than one week prior to the workshop’s schedule. Please bring along your personal computer/note-book if possible. We will inform you later the definite venue and workshop’s detailed schedule.

Following the workshop, please prepare your complete paper of 6000 words and submit it to the Organizing Committee at figcindonesia@gmail.com by 31st of October 2009. We will announce the panel’s organization at our website (http://www.api.pasca.ugm.ac.id) in May 2009. If you write your paper in Indonesian, please prepare your presentation and power-point file in English.

We are looking forward to receiving your conference’s registration form at the soonest. You can also find the list of the on- and off-campus accommodation for your reference if you need to reserve a room. Please fill-in the registration and accommodation/hotel reservation forms and re-send them following the instruction. You can down-load the registration and accommodation reservation forms at API-UGM website (http://www.api.pasca.ugm.ac.id).

We are looking forward to seeing you in Yogyakarta.

Truly yours,

Prof.Dr. Irwan Abdullah M.A. Yunita T. Winarto, Ph.D
Director of Graduate School Academy Professorship Indonesia
Gadjah Mada University in Social Sciences and Humanities

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